• Excellent primary care is the foundation of a great medical care ecosystem.
  • 80% of healthcare can be handled with excellence at the primary care level in an optimized environment.
  • Direct Primary Care provides a return to an enduring and trusting natural relationship between patient and provider through subscription-based investment in 24/7 personalized care.
  • Direct Primary Care providers shepherd patients through the healthcare system, the highest quality resources at an affordable cost, holding down overall spend by 30-50% and improving and expediting patient care experience
  • Green Imaging offers LucentMD an affordable full service virtual outpatient medical imaging network with transparent pricing.

  • Expert radiologists are committed to providing a unique brand of direct care, assuring the best exam is provided for each patient.

  • Advocates help patients make the most informed decisions about undergoing MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, PET/CTs and other imaging procedures.

  • No extra charge for the radiologist fee, no surprise bill after the fact.

Pratter Top Shoppable Imaging CPT Code Cost Drivers Per Claims Data

*Note: Prices listed are the claim allowables defined as co-pay + coinsurance + deductible + TPA payment. 
** Note: Medical facility fees only displayed for elective procedures and imaging studies.
  • LucentMD individually selects outstanding surgeons willing to commit to being part of a new ecosystem of direct care.

  • LucentMD surgeons work closely with Direct Primary Care and other LucentMD providers to assure requested surgeries are necessary and appropriate.

  • Bundled and flat fee pricing of procedures assures lower cost at excellent facilities and decreases patient stress.

  • Direct Primary Care coordination of care and follow-up care improve outcomes and provide for more in-depth and longer term analytics.

  • Medical and Surgical Specialty Consultations - (in-office and virtual)

  • Behavioral Health
  • Sleep Studies
  • Pharmacy Benefits Consultancy
  • Pain Management
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Physical Therapy


We all know healthcare is broken. But how bad is it? Well for employees is unaffordable. The average deductive for an individual in an employer-sponsored plan is $1,505 and for an ACA plan is nearly $4,000 for the most popular plans. 44% of adult Americans claim they could not come up with $400 in an emergency without turning to credit cards, family and friends, or selling off possessions. Medical expenses are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States.

For employers we know it's unsustainable. Healthcare is the second largest expenditure after payroll. At LucentMD we decided to be part of the solution. 



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